Za'Ul's Sanctum Sanctorum

Welcome to the first of many posts designed to get the materials for the Za'Ul the Lich King encounter in the hands of backers as quickly as possible. Typically, it is my preference to post finished content to distribution sites like DM's Guild or DriveThruRPG. Still, some of the content that I am cooking up is ready for playtesting well before the finished and polished product will be prepared to be sent to backers.

Without further ado, I present Za'Ul's Sanctum Sanctorum, the Bone Spire.

Please note that the battle map is an absolutely MASSIVE 320ft in diameter. You can click on this image to download a version of the map that is highly detailed even when zoomed in.



For those interested in how I constructed this battle map I used DungeonDraft for many of the generic assets. Then I illustrated anything sufficiently custom in Krita.


If we zoom in a bit we can see the detail that players using the map in Roll20, FantasyGrounds, or Owl Bear Rodeo might experience the map in.


Depicted above is one of Za'Ul's coveted treasures, the Vault of Souls. The Vault will get its own dedicated blog post which will also act as a first draft of the official content that will eventually make its way into the Za'Ul The Lich King product that backers will receive for free.

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Our next blog post will detail the Vault of Souls and why it is key to Za'Ul's machinations.

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