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murder golem

Policy - The Art in our Products

Feb 5, 2023 6:10:04 PM

Publishing TTRPG content is not profitable for Running off the Rails. I make content because we love to, but more so because we hope people will use our content at their tables. If we want people to use our game mechanics at their tables, inspiring art is necessary. However, I cannot afford to pay artists for custom pieces (I can’t even afford to pay myself for the time that we invest in design, layout, animated videos, custom battle map art… etc).

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The Cutting of the Tree of Light in Za'Ul's Sanctum

The Last Keeper

Jan 31, 2023 10:55:26 AM

A Cutting From The Tree of Light

The Elves of the Garden are not born of other Elves, they are highly concentrated sparks of magic that develop sentience. The wood elves of the Verdant Wode are hewn branches from the Tree of Light. When they bask in the presence of the tree, their vitality is renewed. When they spend too much time away from it, their magic dissipates and they start to vanish.

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cutting of the tree of life in Za'Ul's sanctum

A Cutting of the Tree of Light

Jan 25, 2023 9:26:40 AM

In the year 6035, Za’Ul left his stronghold and ventured to claim the souls of the tree elves. He took on the mantle of Godrik and used powerful transmutation magic to alter his appearance. 

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Loathe Stone, one of Za'Ul's treasures

The Loathe Stone

Jan 21, 2023 8:27:03 AM

In the Garden, there are wonderous materials and creatures with densely concentrated magic. The Tree of Light that spawns the Tree Elves is one. Another of these wonders is the loathe stone of the Bazvania mountains. Loathe stone is a rare ore that has a potent effect on the emotions of sentient creatures that venture too close to its alluring glow. Though loathe stone is dangerous, it is also immensely valuable. Through proper application of arcana, its naturally harmful effects can be transmuted to instead produce potent magical effects.

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gold dragon skull

The Gemstone Dragon Skull of Gradios the Gold

Jan 12, 2023 7:01:59 PM

Gradios was the Dragon King of the Gradium Empire, predating even the rise of The City State of Yarta. He was slain by Emery marking the start of the Sunless Age when the Queen of Dragons was unleashed upon the world.

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za'ul's vault of souls

The Vault of Souls

Jan 7, 2023 8:28:07 PM

Years before it revealed the secrets of Lichdom to Za’Ul, the Book of Yarta informed a young Mathis Faberman VII about a bit of magic it called the Seal of Eons. The Book described an impossible ritual that could harness the magical energies of the planet and redirect their flow. It would render most of the planet uninhabitable, but provide a wellspring of life to a single region of the planet.

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Fullsize preview of Za'Ul's Sanctom Santorum

Za'Ul's Sanctum Sanctorum

Dec 28, 2022 10:04:19 PM

Welcome to the first of many posts designed to get the materials for the Za'Ul the Lich King encounter in the hands of backers as quickly as possible. Typically, it is my preference to post finished content to distribution sites like DM's Guild or DriveThruRPG. Still, some of the content that I am cooking up is ready for playtesting well before the finished and polished product will be prepared to be sent to backers.

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Boycott The Mathew Mercer Effect

Boycott The Matthew Mercer Effect

Feb 12, 2021 9:08:35 AM

We should all stop using the phrase the Matthew Mercer Effect. The Matthew Mercer Effect (MME) has become a scapegoat and a Shibboleth for the lazy Dungeon Master that has failed to effectively communicate with their players.

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Five Rules For a Ghostly Campaign

Jan 23, 2021 11:35:14 AM

If you show up to a brand new campaign and half the creatures you interact with are ghosts, you’ll know real quick you aren't in Kansas anymore. Maybe the first ghost you meet had been around so long, they’d witnessed the first human ever born! That’s the kind of thing that gets me excited to play Dungeons and Dragons. So I made some rules for my ghost-inhabited world.

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